ShellBag Analyzer & Cleaner 1.8 for Windows 10


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ShellBag Analyzer & Cleaner is a free and easy-to-use tool to remove any traces of user activity. With it, you secured the private data and cleanse your computer of unnecessary files. The application thoroughly scans your entire hard drive and finds all files related to user activity, and then removes them using a special module "Cleaner". After scanning your hard drive, the program ShellBag Analyzer & Cleaner displays all the user data in the form of a clear and explicit list. The list can be created to read all the important information about the user data - the destination path, the type of file / folder, address the key in the system registry and file creation time and last modification by the user. By using the software ShellBag Analyzer & Cleaner secured the private data! The program does not require installation on your hard drive and can be run directly from a USB device.